When looking for that one horse Don knows how important it is to define your needs as thorough as you can.  The right horse-rider-combination is key, Don states. Making it an important factor for being successful in reining: A lazy horse with a timid rider is not a good match, neither is a hotter horse with an aggressive rider. The personality differences are very important while looking for „the right“ horse. After finding the perfect match patience is the name of the game, meaning the new horse-rider-combination may take a season or two, to grow together.

When talking  good horses Dons eyes light up when speaking about the old bloodlines such as Hollywood Jac, Great Pine or BH Enterprise. Still there is no such thing as a facorite as far tas bloodlines are concerned,  he emphasizes that there a good and bad ones in every bloodline. He will make an unusual comment though, as to him most of a stallions popularity is more about promotion then anything else! consequently he pays very close attention to the choice of mares.


For further information on how to find the right horse for you or the right stallion for your mare please contact us via the website or call to discuss things in detail as this is a decision to consider carefully and the clients wants and needs are the basis of finding the right match. Don maintains long standing relationships with breeders, coaches and barns worldwide.


When taking a horse from one end of the world to another Dons preference firmly lies with "Equiflight" from Collinville, Texas and their founder Katie Forest Schroeder, where your horse will be treated as if it was their own.


December 2017


Thank you George Maschalani on the purchase of Gallo Del Gaupo
Two year old stallion sired by Gallo Del Cielo !
Started and sold through Abby Mixon !


December 2017


One year old Gunnatrasha colt leaving today for Germany!
Thank you to the Nellissen family for trusting me as their agent !
Best of luck to Verena Klein !

October 2017


Electric Mercedes

2011 mare

by Jacs Electric Spark

out of Best by Benz

trained and shown be Abby Mixon of Abby Mixon Performance Horses

will have a new home with Adrienne Speidel in Switzerland

Will be exciting to help and watch this pair in FEI competetions in 2018!