Don Boyd - "the trainers trainer"

"Signals, receptions, results and corrections! Horse training reduced to its simplest form !"

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Rainer Haeckl


Don Boyd has been a National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) open rider for almost 40 years. During this time he has trained and showed high caliber reining horses in the US and Europe and been a NRHA World Champion twice.

Since 2010 he started concentrating on giving clinics and judging reining events. He has coached many champions around the world, including winners in Norway, Sweden, France, Italy and Germany.

However, he is just as happy to teach beginners as well as professional open riders. Essentially Reining shows off the skills and athletic abilities necessary in the working ranch horse. The sport has increased vastly in popularity over the last ten last years, making him even more  proud to be part of those who pass the knowledge on.

"A quick check of your steering, everyday, gives you an indicator of your most important training"