Aug. 6th - 8th Verena Klein Reiners/Iserlohn/Germany

Aug.16th - 20th Austrian Futurity at HD Schulz, Wiener Neustadt Austria

Aug 22nd - 24th Lechner Performance Horses/ Eschenau,/Austria

Aug 26th - 27th MD Performers/Tuntenhausen/Germany

Aug 29th - 31st Holzpfeifferhof/Pfaffenhofen/Germany w/Allaround Academy

Sept. 2nd - 3rd Relax Reiners/Kirchholz-Ungenach/Austria

Sept 8th - 9th Max Ruggeri Performance Horses/Fié allo Sciliar/Italy

Oct, 5th- 6th MD Performers/Tuntenhausen/Germany

Oct. 8th - 11th Max Ruggeri Performance Horses/Fié allo Sciliar/Italy

Oct. 12th - 13th Sweden




Aug. 23rd - 25th LQH /Bitz/Germany

Aug. 27th - 29th Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Vaterstetten/Germany

Aug.30th - Sept.1st Verena Klein Reiner/Riverlane Ranch/Bünde/Germany

Sept.3rd - 5th  Jacpoint QH/Leermoos/Austria



February/March 2020

Jan. 31st - Feb. 2nd Caitewick Stables/Barneveld/Holland

Feb. 3rd - 9th AM Rising Star/Holland

Feb. 10th - 13th Verena Klein Reiners/Riverlane Ranch/Bünde/Germany

Feb. 14th - 16th Julia Schumacher Reining Horses/Schnyder Ranch/Ravensburg/Germany

Feb. 25th - 27th Lechner Performance Horses@WesternStar-Wiener Neustadt/Austria

Feb. 28th - March 1st - JacPoint QH/Leermoos/Austria

March 2nd - 6th AM Rising Star/Holland



March/April 2019

March 6th - 10th - Caitewick Stables/Barneveld/Holland
March 11th - 13th  - Verena Klein Reiners/Riverlane Ranch/Bünde/Germany
March 14th - 17th  - Alba QH/Filippo Masi, Monteroni D'Arbia/Italy
March 19th - 23rd  - Hotwiel,/Adrienne Speidel/CH
March 28th - 31st - Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Richard Hagl,/Germany
April 1st - 2rd -Caitewick Stables/Barneveld/Holland



October/November 2018

October 19th - 21st - Roland Svensson/Nybakken Ranch/Hamar/Norway

October 22nd - 26th - Caitewick Stables/Barneveld/Netherlands

October 29th - 30th -Caitewick Stables/Barneveld/Netherlands

October 31st - November 1st - Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

November 2nd - 4th - Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany

November  5th - 6th - Caitewick Stables/Barneveld/Netherlands



June/July 2018

June 9th - 10th - DUTCH FEI

June 12th - 13th  - Adrienne Speidel/Hotwiel/Switzerland

June 16th - 17th - Oliver Stein/Oliver Stein Reining Horses/Rhede/Germany

June 18th - 20th - Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

June 22nd - 24th - SARI (Swiss Reining Ass.)/ Mooslargue/Switzerland


April/May 2018

Almost all clinics are already booked out

April 10th to 11th - Rieky Young/Burgmeijer QH/Vorstenbosch/Netherlands

April 14th to 15th Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany

April 16th to 17th Grischa Ludwig/LQH/Bitz/Germany

April 18th - 19th Oliver Stein/Oliver Stein Reining Horses/Rhede/Germany

April 21st to 22nd Dutch FEI Coaching - Netherlands

April 24th to 26th Thierry Willigsecker/Luxembourg

April 28th to 29th Annika Riggenbach/Sport&Horses/4713 Matzendorf/Switzerland

April 30th to May 1st Adrienne Speidel/Hotwiel/Switzerland

May 3rd to 4th Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

May 5th DEMO CLINIC "The Unwritten Rules of Reining" at Verena Klein Reining Horses



February/March 2018

3rd to 5th February - Oliver Stein/Oliver Stein Reining Horses/Rhede/Germany

14th to 15th February - Martin Duemmel/Lost Legends Reining Horses/Sinsheim/Germany

5th - 7th March - Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany


October/November 2017

22nd - 24th October - Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

30th - 31st October - Martin Duemmel/Lost Legends Reining Horses/Sinsheim/Germany

1st - 2nd November - George Maschalani/Freestyle Ranch/Erbach/Germany

4th - 5th November - Sabrina Frahmann/Hoferstall Fussach/Vorarlberg/Austria



 July/August/September 2017

4th - 6th July  - Oliver Stein/Oliver Stein Reining Horses/Rhede/Germany

8th - 9th July - German FEI Team Riders Clinic/Erbach/Germany

15th - 16th July - Bianca Woerle/Lohrberg Ranch/Eckartshausen/Germany

22nd - 24th July - Sabrina Frahmann/Hoferstall Fussach/Vorarlberg/Austria

29th - 30th July - Anne Grether/RX Quarter Horses/Boekel/Netherlands

July 31st - 2nd August - Roland Svensson/Nybakken Ranch/Hamar/Norway

5th - 12th August - Team Coach at FEI European Championship/Switzerland

18th - 20th August - Adrienne Speidel/Einsiedeln/Switzerland

30th August - 2nd September  - Roland Svensson/Nybakken Ranch/Hamar/Norway

6th - 8th September - Americana/Workshop/Augsburg/Germany



April/May 2017

4t - 6th April - Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

7th - 10th April - Annika Riggenbach/Sport&Horses/4713 Matzendorf/Switzerland

11th - 12th April - Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany

13th - 16th April - Max Weisser/Stoeckerhof/Schwalmtal/Germany

21st - 23rd April - Martin Duemmel/Lost Legends Reining Horses/Sinsheim/Germany

28th - 30th April - Anne Grether7RX Quarter Horses/Boekel/Netherlands

3rd - 4th May -  Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany



February 2017

3rd - 5th February - Martin Duemmel/Lost Legends Reining Horses/Sinsheim/Germany

6th - 8th of February - Roland Nybakken/Nybakken Ranch/Norway

10th - 12th February -Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

14th - 17th February - Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany

18th - 21st February - Sabrina Frahmann/Quarterhorse 8 Ranch/Germany

23rd - 26th February - Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany

1st March - Jurgen Pouls/Meertenhof/Grathem/Netherlands



November 2016

16th - 18th November - Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany


September/October 2016

19th - 22nd September - Roland Nybakken/Nybakken Ranch/Norway

23rd - 25th of September Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

29th of September - 2nd of October NOW OPEN ! Please contact for a booking NOW

October 8th - 9th - Anne Grether/RX Quarter Horses/Boekel/Netherlands


June/July 2016

21st - 26th of June Roland Nybakken/Nybakken Ranch/Norway

28th  - 30th of June  - Dutch FEI Team/Netherlands

2nd/3rd of July Oliver Wehnes Training Stable/Kandel-Minderslachen/Germany

4th - 7th of July Richard Hagl/Reitsportanlage Vaterstetten/Germany

8th to 9th of July - Markus Baechle/Schwanewede/Germany

11th to 13th of July - DK Performace Horses/Selm/Germany

14th to 15th of July - Verena Klein/Riverlane Ranch/Buende/Germany

16th to 19th of July - SR Horse Training/Mitterndorf an der Fischa/Austria